The main conditions of any other grants are -

1. The Trustees may, at their absolute discretion, award research grants to any applicants.

2. The Trustees will consider applications for research or educational projects from organisations such as medical schools, medical Royal Colleges, and similar bodies, preferably in fields that were of interest to Dr. Jean Shanks, i.e. pathology. They will not normally consider requests from individuals or groups of researchers for projects of the type generally dealt with by bodies such as the MRC or Wellcome Trust, nor research which is already supported by another grant giving body.

3. The Trustees will consider applications, in special circumstances, to assist in the creation or expansion of Libraries for medical schools and medical education or research institutions. Applications for recurrent support will not be considered.

4. The Trustees may award grants on a merit basis for pathology and medically related research.

5. No grants will be made for capital items.

6. No grants will be made for non-pathology related research nor for any financial hardship.

7. Grants shall not be for more than 3 years duration.

8. Name and CV (to include email and postal address) of applicant and a completed application form must be received prior to the Trustees meeting considering the grant.

9. Acknowledgement to Trustees at commencement of Programme from the recipient.

10. A short progress report to be submitted at the end of each year (not more than 500 words). Note: further monies will not be released until this has been received.

11. On completion of the programme, a final report to include conclusions from the research where applicable.

12. Acknowledgement to Jean Shanks Foundation on any published papers etc.