The Jean Shanks Foundation and the Pathological Society (JSPS) together will award a JSPS Clinical PhD Fellowship to trainee pathologists (based in Great Britain or Ireland) intent on an academic career. This scheme is designed to fund a 3 year PhD research project and will lead to an increase in the research skills, abilities and interests of those medically qualified trainees working in pathology (cellular or tissue pathology), with a view, in the long term, to expand the capacity in academic pathology by increasing the number of suitably trained academic pathologists in UK and Eire.

The Clinical PhD Fellowship funds the execution of an original piece of tissue-based pathological research leading to a PhD and this will involve formal training in research methods.

Awards will be for a maximum of three years on a full time or part-time basis and will cover the appropriate salary, university higher degree fees and up to £15,000 bench costs per year. Retrospective or partial applications will not be considered.

Applications will be judged by a peer review process which will focus on the personal qualities and motivation of the candidate, the relevance and quality of the research training programme, the originality and quality of the proposed research project, the strength of the supervision arrangements, the research infrastructure, as well as the benefits to the individual, to Pathology, to the Pathological Society and to the Jean Shanks Foundation. This peer review process will involve members of the Pathological Society Research Subcommittee, nominees of the Jean Shanks Foundation and invited reviews from selected external reviewers (coordinated by the Chair of the Pathological Society Research Subcommittee).

The Pathological Society will administer the financial arrangements of the Fellowship. The Fellowship will be jointly funded (50:50) by the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland and the Jean Shanks Foundation. Normally, one JSPS Clinical PhD Fellowship per year will be funded. 

The terms and conditions of the JSPS PDRB Scheme are as follows: 

1. Applicants must be trainee members of the Society, based in Great Britain or Ireland, in a recognised Specialist Trainee 1-6 post in Histopathology or other tissue specialty within Pathology. 

2. Application forms including Parts B & C must be completed / uploaded online no later than 1 October (noon). 

3. JSPS Clinical PhD Fellowships will normally last for 3 years for full-time applicants (with an increase for part-time applicants that can be negotiated) (with allowances made for maternity and paternity leave) and a one-page report on the progress of the research must be sent to the Deputy Administrator within three months of the completion of each year of the Fellowship. Failure to provide a report will preclude future support in this and other schemes run by the Society. 

4. If possible, the scientific and/or medical data derived from the work supported by the award should be presented at one of the Society’s meetings within 2–3 years of the completion of the award. Such data should also be published in primary peer-reviewed journals. Any publications or related presentations at meetings by the recipient emanating in part or whole from the Society’s support should be duly acknowledged and copies sent to the Society’s Deputy Administrator. 

5. The Society will normally withdraw funding if the grant is not acknowledged and accepted within 12 months of the offer. 

6. All recipients of JSPS funded schemes are required to attend a national JSPS research scheme progress review meeting and take part in appropriate public relations activities. Online application forms and more detailed Guidance Notes for the Clinical PhD Fellowship are available online from the Pathological Society website Applications are reviewed by the Research Subcommittee together with discussions with nominees from the Jean Shanks Foundation and external reviewers. Applicants will be advised of a decision as soon as practicable after the deadline date of 1 October. 

Application forms can be completed on and / or uploaded to the Society’s website: 

Please note: The Pathological Society is a registered charity which is not in a position to provide full economic costs or overheads with regard to any funds awarded.